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Introducing Artificial intelligence to eCommerce

How would you feel about buying products from an online eCommerce store, could it be just like visiting a shop nearby where an assistant caters to your every need?

The latest innovations in AI are playing a crucial role for online stores, and merely following the crowd is no longer an option for an eCommerce developer. Retailers and manufacturers use digital marketers to gain an advantage over the competition and AI is becoming the most important component when designing a state of the art website or ecommerce offering. Artificial Intelligence is changing this industry as it tries to create a more personal shopping experience for every customer.

eCommerce design and development has to integrate AI to steer customers towards the best products for their needs, but it must also offer solutions for every option the user clicks. That is the strength of AI, there is no one size fits all aspect, every individual is unique and designers must make each journey specific to those requirements.

More Personalised Customer Service
Do you ever wonder how a good eCommerse store offers you options you hadn’t even thought of? This is becoming more common as AI constantly reinvents itself based on previous shopping patterns. By using collaborative filters and gathering data of previous shopping visits, AI can make smart recommendations about related products. It can help you create a more efficient shopping experience and increased your sales significantly. AI uses insights from your search history, current trends and best-selling products from a website in order to perfect the next shopping visit.

Chatbots & Virtual Buying Assistants
While humans rely on a customer support executives to answer queries related to products /delivery/ returns etc. computers / chatbots can offer arguably better guidance and in a fraction of the time. Just think about them as very intelligent assistants who can respond any normal or complex customer query but will use previous data to give the best possible solution. This feature on an eCommerce website, can prove both beneficial to the consumer and save the salary of an employee.

Image Search
AI can help eCommerce websites with image searching capabilities to upload products of their own choice. The website will then search that product in the database and find an identical product match.