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WooCommerce security: What should be top of your list?

The internet, an ever changing face of web technology has changed the way we do business in the UK and across the world. There is no need to dwell too much on the need for an E-commerce website because we are all well aware of the benefits. However, as eCommerce websites allow you to interact directly with customers, you should make security your number 1 priority.

Setting up an eCommerce store can be very exciting, but you shouldn’t overlook woocommerce security. The security of your eCommerce store is vital to both you and your clients as it involves user logging in and entering their personal details. Here are the few security measures that store owners should be taking to keep their woocommerce website secure.

It all starts with hosting
Along with making your WordPress application security, it is critical to use a secure hosting server. If you have your own server, you can make it more secure by adding firewalls and using the strong SSH usernames and passwords. If you are using s third party hosting provider you should look for the features like:

  • Attack monitoring and prevention
  • Up-to-date server software
  • Cloud hosting or shared hosting
  • The ability to prevent spreading of infections

Create strong passwords
Since the release of WooCommerce 2.5, we have a password strength indicator built in that pops up whenever a new account is being created. Encourage users to take a little more time to come up with a strong password.

Avoid dictionary words, birthdays or things that can be easily guessed. Create passwords with a mixture of capital letters, lower case letters, special characters and numbers. Do not leave the password somewhere that is easily found and change them regularly.

Wordfence Security – Security plugin
This is one of the most secure plugins in terms of popularity and sheer number of features. From top to bottom it enables you to customise every aspect of your WordPress security protocol. It implements a site-wide firewall to protect you from common threats and blocks the networks of known attackers.

Update the plugin
If your WordPress dashboard is indicating you need to update the plugin, always opt for the latest version. The latest one will have all the latest security systems and will perform better than the older version.